Reds News Roundup: "Mario, Fabio and LADzar Out The Door"

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] The lads are joined by Aubrey to go through Liverpool's ins and outs before the upcoming deadline day. They also talk over Rodger's tactics, the inevitable Klopp talks, Coutinho's suspension and will Hendo be back for Man U.

Liverpool 0 - 3 West Ham | The Final Word

Posted 29 Aug 2015

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] Paul and Chris are joined in the studio by the West Ham Fan TV lads, Nicky and Graham to talk over the disappointing loss at home to Slaven Bilic's side. Topics include the clown like defensive display, Coutinho's red card and Ings's attempts to G up the silenced Anfield crowd.

Liverpool 0 - 3 West Ham | Shocking Reds Get Hammered | Match Reaction

Posted 29 Aug 2015

[FREE VIDEO] After a really disappointing game and result, Paul gives his match reaction (he's understandably not happy). The Redmen TV is Uncensored LFC Television...

West Ham Opposition Analysis | The Formation Show

Posted 28 Aug 2015

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] Chris and Paul are back in front of the tactics board to take a statistical look back at Arsenal (including stat chats for Firmino, Lucas and Lovren), they then look into how Bournemouth beat West Ham including a two minute guide to the Hammers from West Ham Fan TV's NIck and finally they try to predict how all this info might see Liverpool line up at the weekend.

Liverpool v West Ham | Uncensored Match Build Up Show

Posted 28 Aug 2015

[FREE VIDEO] Ahead of the game against West Ham at Anfield, Paul and Chris are joined in the studio by Jay Riley and Aubrey Reynolds to discuss the ins and outs of the upcoming fixture.

Laters Mario! | The Reds News Roundup

Posted 27 Aug 2015

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] Paul and Chris are joined in the studio by Jay Rile and Craig Austin to talk over this weeks news in and around Liverpool FC. Topics include Mario leaving, Sakho reappearing and Sturridge nearing his return for the mighty reds.

Fantasy Footy Forfeit Battle | Week 4 | #TeamRedmen

Posted 27 Aug 2015

[FREE VIDEO] Paul and Chris go head to head in the greatest (?) of all pub games - darts, to decide which team goes forward to represent Team Redmen this week.

Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool | The Final Word

Posted 26 Aug 2015

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] Paul and Chris are in the studio with Craig Austin (@ozzylfc24) and Jay Riley (@Jay_78_) to discuss the goalless draw at the Emirates. Topics include Firmino's performance, Joe Gomez being sensational and 3 out of 3 clean sheets for the reds.

Bournemouth Review & Arsenal Preview | The Formation Show

Posted 25 Aug 2015

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] The lads take a look back at Bournemouth while also introducing a new segment to highlight players stats - following that they take an in-depth look at Arsenal's two previous fixtures to see if they can spot certain traits to then pick the best side for Liverpool to field when the two teams meet at the Emirates on Monday night.

Arsenal/Liverpool 2015/16 Combined XI | Arsenal Fan TV

Posted 25 Aug 2015

Robbie from Arsenal Fan TV presents his selection for an Arsenal/Liverpool combined XI. Will any of Liverpool's new signing likes Clyne, Benteke or Firmino get in?

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