Should We Raid RB Leipzig in the Summer? | Reds News Roundup

Ste, Paul, Jamie and Ian give their take on the latest news surrounding Liverpool FC. They discuss the latest transfer rumours and The Reds' Tenerife training camp, but there is also some sad news to discuss after the death of Mr Liverpool, Ronnie Moran.

What Is The Best Way To Honour Ronnie Moran?

Posted 23 Mar 2017

[FREE VIDEO] The lads discuss the best way for Liverpool Football Club to commemorate the 49 years of work and dedication Ronny Moran put into the club! What do YOU think the most fitting memorial would be?

Wheel Of Wank Football Games #11 | Ped (@ToffeeTVEFC)

Posted 23 Mar 2017

The Mechanics Of A Title Winning Side! | Liverpool Stat Show

Posted 22 Mar 2017

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] In this week’s Stat Show, Chris and Jon take a break from the norm and have decided to delve into the past to see how the best sides won the Premier League! World class players, great tactics, unbelievably strong spines galore as they look to find attributes that the current Liverpool team could use to ultimately win the League and beyond!

YNWA Ronnie Moran | #LFC Extra Time Show

Posted 22 Mar 2017

Lewis looks at the passing of true Liverpool legend Ronnie Moran and discusses whether Trent Alexander-Arnold should be considered over Nathaniel Clyne. Plus all the social media reaction from the Reds' 1-1 draw with Manchester City, updates on the reserves sides, lads on loan, transfer targets and the best comments from last week.


Posted 22 Mar 2017

[PODCAST] Loads discussed this week. Coutinho being a main topic. Future improvements, Man City (obviously), the International Break (obviously), Gini and Clyne being boss and of course we answer your questions!

Man City 1-1 Liverpool | The Final Word

Posted 20 Mar 2017

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] The lads are in the studio to discuss the game against City at the Etihad. A Milner pen was cancelled out by a tidy finish from Aguero to save face for Guardiola’s side!

Man City v Liverpool 1-1 | Delhi Liverpool Supporters Club Matchday Experience!

Posted 20 Mar 2017

In this Redmen TV Special, Siddharth Pandey took us inside the Delhi Branch of the Liverpool Supporters Club as they watched The Reds draw 1-1 with Manchester City in the Premier League!

Man City 1-1 Liverpool | Uncensored Match Reaction Playlist

Posted 19 Mar 2017

[FREE PLAYLIST] All the post match content after Liverpool drew 1-1 at the Etihad with a great pen from Milner and a tidy finish from Aguero!

Statistically, Are Liverpool Bad Against Smaller Premier League Teams? | Liverpool Stat Show

Posted 16 Mar 2017

[SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE] In this week’s Stat Show, Chris and Jon go into depth on Nathaniel Clyne and his performances for Liverpool this season against other top full backs and Alex Arnold. The take a look at how Liverpool perform against the smaller teams and what that means for the season so far and to come. They take YOUR twitter questions and they have a look at this season compared to other great seasons past!

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