Blog » Klopp post match transfer talk


After the game, last night Jurgen Klopp spoke to journalists and low and behold, the topic of transfers came up. Klopp was asked to provide a message to “’nervous” Liverpool fans who are concerned with the lack of business we are making in comparison to other clubs.


“One plus Solanke” is the only business that we have done so far and it brought a laugh out of the German and set the tone for the rest of the interview. Klopp seemed very relaxed about the situation and as he will almost defiantly know more than we do, should suggest to fans that everything is under control. 


Liverpool have only been able complete the transfer of Salah so far in terms of major transfers and even he was unavailable for selection today due a short-term visa issue. So, the team that was playing last night was glaringly short of debutants – the only new face being Dom Solanke. Compare that to last year were Mane, Matip and Karius made their Reds debut against the same opposition. You can forgive the fact that some reds fans might be uneasy by the lack of new editions to the squad.  


This summer though the targets we are after having been more difficult to negotiate for various reasons and as a result it has meant that those negotiations have been painfully drawn out. Each of our targets seem to have the air of a ‘transfer saga’ about them, which is incredibly painful viewing. Naby Keita is on and off more often than the stream you tried to watch the game on last night, Van Dijk – like us – has been left to reminisce about that night in Blackpool and Arsenal are being typically obtuse over a move for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


But In this interview, Klopp was calm and relaxed. Joking around as usual and brushed off the reporter’s question with ease. He also pointed out that the clubs that have done business, have at the same time lost players and will need to replace them. Which explains why maybe they have been a lot more pro-active in this window.


 There is a time left in this window, pre-season has only just begun and the big deals usually take a bit longer to negotiate. So sit tight, put on your brolly hats and relax. Klopp has it under control (we hope).


Article by Tom Culshaw